AMD FX 6300 review

AMD FX 6300

yes.. it’s been too long!!! I was busy with my job, didn’t get time to write any posts in the mean time. so, made my way to share some of the best products I purchased to upgrade my system.

As I was having old phenom ii x2 545 dual core processor, which was heating when I paired with my new Graphic card R7 360 2GB. so, planned to upgrade it to AMD FX 6300, which I think was worth upgrade with 6-core power. It is a AMD’s second generation FX processor with piledriver architecture in it. It has got latest instruction sets to perform heavy job of editing a video and playing latest game titles without a lag in the system. Now, I will share a CPU-Z screenshot to showcase some of its specifications.


Let take a Quick glance to it, yes that’s a 6-core processor with 6 MB L2 cache and 8 MB L3 cache all shared with the 6-core(3-modules). It is running at base clock of 3.5 GHz and boost-upto 3.9 GHz. The new instructions were added in this architecture which again improves the performance using clustered multi-threading system. In terms of clustered multi-threading, bulldozer module is equal to dual core. And this processor contains 3-module, so its a 6-core processor. Now, some of the benchmarking applications like Cinebench 11 detects this processor as 3 Core/6 Threads.

Now, the thermal solution to this processor is far better than old phenom processor. It doesn’t heat much and fans runs silent in extreme load. It is based on 32 nm architecture with AM3+ socket and runs at 95 W TDP.

AMD’s Zen-based architecture which is expected to be release in 2017. They have sampled out the product with 14nm architecture with 8 Core/16 Threads and introduced Simultaneous multi-threading for improving overall efficiency with hardware multi-threading. It has redesigned the cache system by introducing  L1 cache write back. They will use AM4 socket with DDR4 support .

AMD FX 6300 processor had some awesome performance with Image rendering.

cinebench-11-5 cinebench-render

Some of these application shows 3C/6T processor and runs like 6-core processor. Now, when there is need of load, it boost up using Turbo-core technology but also tries to keep it cool using cool ‘n’ Quiet Technology. Now, it also brings  concept of core parking into existence.


Now that’s an optimization and power efficiency, some of the core is parked when there is no need of all cores required for handling loads.

This processor performs well with the latest DirectX 12 Graphic card. The one I have tested with the processor is my own R7 360 GPU and the results are much better. It handles all the latest game titles with 45-60 FPS. I would like to share some of the screenshots of the game which I played with AMD FX-6300 paired with R7 360 Graphic card.

rotr1 rotr2




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