AMD FirePro S9170 Server GPU

AMD FirePro is the name for Server GPU Series.There are number of Server GPUs available from this Red Team competing with the green team.AMD has recently launched a new Server graphics Card with 32 GB memory named as “S9170” This company is an oldest company in silicon valley manufacturing CPUs,GPUs and APUs.

This GPU helps to accelerate complex workloads in scientific computing,data analysis and seismic processing.With such a Huge amount of memory,buffer memory helps to accelerate the workloads.Based on the Graphics Core Next Architecture,compute power is 2.62 TFlops for double decision floating point and 5.24 TFlops for single precision floating point.It has total 44 compute units,comprising of 2816 stream processors.It has 512 bit memory Interface and 32 GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory.It consumes 275 watt of power and provides upto 320GB/s memory bandwidth.

AMD Firepro S9170
AMD FirePro S9000

At today’s date,AMD FirePro S9170 GPU is the fastest single GPU card.It delivers upto 40% more performance than in heavy applications than Nvidia’s Tesla K-80 dual GPU card.It also supports open standard technologies such as OpenGL(Open Graphics Library),OpenCL(Open Computing Language),OpenMP(Open multiprocessing),OpenACC(Open Acceleration) and most of the HPC community always wants  open standard technology to run their projects and simulation.

The board dimension of S9170 GPU is identical to the S9150 and S9100,which allows compatibility with other AMD FirePro Products.It also supports new version of APIs such as OpenGL 4.4 and OpenCL 2.0,so developers can take advantage of new features.It also supports for Linux O.S(32-bit and 64-bit).

Power Efficiency is the goal of most companies so saving environment but not by comprising performance.Hence,these two technologies helps to save the power consumption.

  •    AMD PowerTune Technology

AMD PowerTune Technology is an intelligent power management system that monitors both GPU activity and power draw. AMD PowerTune optimizes the GPU to deliver low power draw when GPU workloads do not demand full activity, and delivers the optimal clock speed to ensure the highest possible performance within the GPU’s power budget for high intensity workloads.

  • AMD Stream Technology

It Powers the ecosystem that enables AMD FirePro S-Series server cards to be used for compute intensive workflows leveraging the massively parallel processing power of AMD GPUs, and accelerates many applications beyond just graphics.

What I Think?

AMD Server GPU S9170 is the latest workstation product from AMD.Due to limitations of stacked memory of HBM,it would allow only 4GB of memory,hence that’s the reason they have stick to the GDDR5 memory technology,which allows 32GB of memory.This card is going to be boon for Data centers which can manage large amount of data and implement complex mathematical calculations.Hence,it is the recommended card for HPC(High Performance Computing).

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