AMD Crimson Software Update

AMD Crimson Software

AMD is leadership in graphics computing. The graphics hardware is as powerful as to compute the power. The graphic computing is used in Video and audio editing, Animation and Visual effects. but with the good hardware, AMD also want to focus on the software side. So they have announced the new version of Catalyst Software named as “Crimson”  to control the GPU dependent applications.

AMD Radeon users want to get rid of the catalyst software from many years, but there is a major update improving the Catalyst control center software.

AMD Crimson Software

AMD Crimson Radeon Settings starts upto 10x faster than the AMD Catalyst Control center. Increasing response times helps to load the software in 0.6 seconds. Catalyst control center used to load in 8 seconds.

Easy to Navigate

The interface looks so simple and responsive which is very easy to navigate into menus, because catalyst control center was not so responsive, required lot more clock cycles to start up.

AMD Crimson Easy to navigate

Game Manager

The Game Manager features game configurations, view all your games on a single screen. It also helps to enhance game’s graphics settings and overdrive settings and experience the gaming uniquely which is required for a particular game. you can keep a graphic profile for each game like Anti-aliasing, tessellation, Frame Rate Target Control, etc.

AMD Crimson Game Manager
Game Manager



Overdrive means overclocking the GPU using software, so it has limit. but for more performance, you can keep a different configuration for each games by setting GPU clock.

AMD Crimson Overdrive
Overdrive Settings


Video Settings offers variety of video profiles such as classic, Enhanced, cinema, vivid,etc. It adjust the video quality color levels according to each profiles. Also, it provides easy and simplicity in experiencing video profiles for different videos.

AMD Crimson video
Video Settings


Configuration of display settings like FreeSync, Virtual Super Resolution, GPU Scaling, Scaling mode for one or more than one connected displays.

AMD Crimson display

AMD Eyefinity

with AMD Eyefinity technology, Quick setup will arrange and setup all the display for your multi-display gaming experience.

AMD Crimson eyefinity

The system overview in the radeon settings provide you all the information in one place. It provides the technical specification of GPU, Hardware and Software. There is also changes done in the system tray depending on the graphics and video settings.

About Compatability

It will be available to all the AMD Graphic card users. Modern GPU will have all the modern technology like Liquid Virtual Reality, Virtual Super Resolution. But for all the users having previous generation graphic cards, will have some features deactivated.

AMD have claimed that every month a minor update will be available to the Crimson software. A major update will be available once in a year. It will be available in the end of this year. This software is definitely going to help the AMD Radeon users to improve the video and gaming experience easily.

Download it here

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