AMD APU Achieves Leading Market Share for Thin Clients

AMD APU thin clients

On 9th December 2015, AMD announced that the company achieved a number one market share position for thin clients. It is based on its thin-client shipments. According to sales to thin client customers last year, AMD APU has more than half of the market share. It is about 53% of the total market share. HP, Fujitsu and Samsung are the thin clients customers of AMD

Thin client, with little or no local storage, often serve as intelligent front-ends for server or cloud-based applications. Thin clients using AMD Embedded G-Series have a strong value proposition for immersive graphics. It is available in single- or multi-display configurations in the enterprise. Customers use AMD APU which provides horsepower for data movement, encryption/decryption of central server data. It even encode/decode video for video conferencing or multimedia streaming.

The AMD Embedded G-Series SoC couples high performance compute and graphics capability in a highly integrated low power design. These processors provide compelling performance per dollar per watt, strong security, sophisticated power management, and superior graphics performance.

AMD APU Thin client

AMD G-Series SOC Ideal for Thin Client Applications

AMD thin client solutions continue to gain market adoption. It is because of cloud based computing. Thin clients are also used for more complex and high performance tasks. It is especially true for APU devices. They incorporates x86 cores and GPU cores. HP thin clients, a slim computer or a thin laptop can also perform tasks including computer-aided design and 3D modeling. customers also use this thin clients in the financial and government services. It is also used in Colleges, call centers, and hospitals, “smart” monitors and other multi-user configuration.

The AMD G-Series SoC also features enhanced security for enterprise IT operations, enabling security between the thin client and the server, and allowing only software approved by an enterprise’s IT organization to run on the thin client device. It also supports enhanced power management technology to help manage energy costs and environmental impact across large deployments.

Reason for leading market share in Thin clients

AMD have APU( Accelerated processing units) which is better solution than FX processors. These processors resides in a thin client computer providing the cooling solution. It is also available in a low price, so it is affordable compare to Intel processors. AMD APU provides the best in class solution for Computing and multimedia. It also provides the hardware dedicated security through AMD APU. This features in thin clients makes the only choice for Enterprises and IT organizations.

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