Antialiasing with AMD GPUs


Morphological Antialiasing or MLAA is a cutting edge technology that uses GPU-accelerated DirectCompute to apply fullscene anti-aliasing as a post processing effect. This process differs From more traditional methods like Supersample Anti-Aliasing (SSAA), which are applied during the rendering phase of the GPU pipeline.

By shifting the computional burden of the antialing to the post, MLAA provides the high image quality at a fraction of the performance penalty incurred by SSAA. further MLAA is conducted as a post processing effect, morphological antialiasing can be applied to any directX 9 or newer title including those with no pre-existing support for anti-aliasing technologies.   

MLAA 2.0

This is available with all AMD Radeon GPUs HD 7000 series. GCN(Graphics Core Next) Architecture with MLAA 2.0 is designed to provide very high image quality and performance as compared to the previous generation of MLAA.

Benefits of Morphological Antialiasing: 

Small performance impact

Morphological Anti-aliasing is a post processing effect .It requires less time to calculate and apply than computationally intense methods like Supersample Anti-Aliasing(SSAA).

Stunning image quality

    MLAA 1.0


     MLAA 2.0  


                 Battlefield 3 with MLAA

The algorithm used to perform Morphological Anti-aliasing dramatically reduces aliasing across every texture and object in a given scene. Hence ,the stunning image quality by MLAA is widely used to provide highest available anti-aliasing quality.

Broad Compatibility

It is conducted in post, does not depend upon the pre-existing application support for anti-aliasing.  

Simple to enable

Accessed via the AMD Catalyst Control Center, a simple “Morphological filtering” checkbox is all the user needs to enable this fantastic image-enhancing technology.

This morphological anti-aliasing will provide the smooth gameplay in the latest demanding games. There is also MLAA 2.0 which was introduced in 2011. It was first seen in Battlefield 3. The above image quality is so stunning using DirectX 11 effects and Hardware based anti-aliasing.

FXAA and TXAA anti-aliasing methods that are traditional from Nvidia. But they are system heavy and drop frame rates while playing games. So, MLAA is better solution as it directly render on the AMD Hardware.

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