AMD A10 7890K supports more Input/Output ports

AMD A10 7890K

AMD A10 7890K is the latest APU announced by AMD. It falls under the A10 category. A10 is considered to be the high end APU series. It consist of 10-12 compute units. Compute units are nothing but the combination of CPU cores and GPU cores. A10 is basically a Quad core CPU, so there will be 4 CPU and 8 GPU  cores in A10-7890k. It is the fastest APU ever built with max turbo speed of 4.3 GHz. It is best in class solution for online gaming with Radeon graphics R7 series.

At CES 2016, they have announced about this new APU. It will be also bundled with its new CPU cooler named as “Wraith CPU cooler”.  AMD CPU cooler is always been a low quality coolers. But they have improved the CPU cooler with improving cooling solution for the latest processor.

AMD A10 7890K wraith cooler

AMD A10 7890K is launched with  new accelerated processing unit and next  generation of AM3+ and FM2+ motherboards. These motherboards will support USB 3.1 and M.2 ports. USB 3.1 Gen 2 supports for data transfer upto 10 Gbps bandwidth. USB 3.1 support comes with both type A and type C ports. M.2 port is used for connecting Solid State Disk for faster performance.

AMD A10-7890K

Increase in clock frequency and adding support for new I/O ports will help to increase the performance, but it is made on same microprocessor technology. It will hardly increase the performance of the system. The 14 nm/16 nm FinFET technology will improve the processor performance in their next generation FX and APU processor architecture called as “Zen Architecture“. so, waiting for this architecture to be come out soon.

The update sounds like good with new connectors. But the next generation processors and APUs are coming this year, so I am excited about them.


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  1. AMDs are favorite.Low cost more efficient and User satisfaction what else is required.

    1. yes, they are very low cost and power efficient. So getting more popular in online and budget gaming.

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