AMD A10 7860K and Athlon X4 845 with thermal solution

AMD A10 7860K and Athlon X4 845

AMD’s new processors with thermal solution and wraith cooler launched. They are new AMD A10 7860K and  Athlon X4 845 desktop processors.

AMD Thermal solutions

It is designed for the customers who want How to runs, sounds and looks. AMD now offers thermal solutions for the new processors that generate less than 1/10th of the noise of their predecessors. As the AMD claim that “processor runs at 39 decibels which is quiet as library.

The new wraith cooler combines near-silent operations with unique styling and LED illumination.

Why these thermal solutions better than its predecessors ?

  • The new design delivers 34 percent more airflow.
  • 24 percent more surface area for heat dissipation than its predecessor.

These new thermal solutions are included in their new seven processors.

  1. AMD FX 8370E
  2. AMD A10-7860K
  3. AMD A8-7670K
  4. AMD A8-7650K
  5. AMD Athlon X4 870K
  6. AMD Athlon X4 860K
  7. AMD Athlon x4 845

AMD A10 7860K and Athlon X4 845

AMD A10-7860K Desktop Processor

A10-7680K are powered by 4-CPU cores with 4 GHz turbo boost clock speed. It also includes 8 GPU cores with R7 integrated GPU with 757 MHz. AMD A10-7680K is the first unlocked processor with 65W of power. Therefore, it includes near-silent thermal solution rated at 95W TDP to ensure quiet operation. AMD also supports for FreeSync technology that puts an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames with fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate.

This is the perfect solutions for enabling smooth play of popular online games like Dota 2 ,League of Legends and  Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

AMD Athlon X4 845 Desktop Processor

The AMD Athlon X4 845 is the first desktop processor featuring the AMD “Excavator” x86 architecture technology. This Quad-core CPU clocked @3.8 GHz. It also offers the highest Instruction per clock cycle. So, when it is paired with Discrete Graphics technology, it will enable great gaming and multi-threaded processing performance. The new Athlon X4 845 is a 65W TDP processor comes with new AMD 95W thermal solution to provide excellent cooling performance.

This processor comes with the latest architecture from AMD. For desktop processor, it will support for lot of new instructions.


So, AMD we are really facing this heating problem back from Athlon and phenom processors. I have experienced the FAN and Heat sink Quality that comes with my phenom processor. But, finally you are improving on processor’s silent operations. so, we can get the most of out it with overclocking. Finally launched of AMD A10 7860K and Athlon X4 845 have brought new silent operations and wraith cooler. This will help AMD processors to run more cool and Quiet.

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