AMD Rx 300 GPU series

New graphic cards were launched on 16th june 2015 by the red team.They are Rx 300 series successor to the Rx 200 series,which is based on previous architecture but with revise power management and features only GDDR5 memory,but some of the enthusiast level graphic cards named as R9 Fury,R9 fury X and R9 Nano based on the fiji architecture featuring HBM(High Bandwidth Memory) technology.

                            These new graphic cards will full support to Microsoft’s windows 10 and Directx12.It will support to OpenCL 2.1,OpenGL 4.5 and vulkan API(which is openGL API using mantle components).

                               Rx 300 series will consist of R5,R7 and R9 series graphic cards targeting at entry level,mid-range,high end users.Fiji series consisting of R9 Fury,R9 Fury x and R9 Nano targeting at enthusiast level users.


  • GCN Architecture            

  GPUs are based on Graphic Core Next Architecture with various versions such as GCN 1.0,GCN 1.1,GCN 1.2 

  • Online Gaming

          Mid range graphic cards are targeted at online gaming supremacy with 1080p HD resolution and better visual quality.

supported by : R7 360,R7 370

  • Virtual Super Resolution

          This technology is used for down scaling the high resolution details at lower resolutions,such as 2560 x 1440p on 1080p resolution display panel.

supported by : R7 360,R7 370,R9 380,R9 390,R9 390x,R9 fury X

  • AMD Freesync Technology

            A stutter free technology enabling the best visual experience with no lags and no screen tearing.want to know more about here

supported by : R7 360,R9 380,R9 390,R9 390x,R9 fury X

  • Frame Rate Target Control(FRTC)

             A frame tuning technology controls the frame by limiting it and thus reducing GPU power consumption.

supported by :R7 360,R7 370,R9 380,R9 390,R9 390x,R9 fury X

  • High Bandwidth Memory(HBM)

             New memory standard to provide the high bandwidth and more efficiency with 4096 bit memory interface providing more than 3x the bandwidth per watt over GDDR5.

supported by: R9 fury X

  • 4K Gaming

              Not talking about the 1080p,2560p but a ultra HD resolution of 3840×2160.Gaming at such high resolution provides minute details.

supported by: R7 360,R7 370,R9 380,R9 390,R9 390x,R9 fury X

  • AMD Liquid VR technology

              virtual reality experience gives the real life-like experience providing high frame rates featuring affinity Multi-GPU.

supported by: R9 380,R9 390,R9 390x,R9 fury X


R9 Nano

R9 Nano

R9 nano series graphic cards were targeted at small form factor,so that it should reside in less space and can take any place like conference,gaming events and LAN Parties.R9 Nano will also feature HBM technology.

R9 Fury X     

R9 Fury X

R9 Fury X is a high end single GPU card for enthusiast users.It performs smoothly at 1080p,1440p and 4K.It consist of 4GB HBM which is much faster than GDDR5 memory.

What I came to know?

These Graphic cards were targeted at providing gaming solutions for the end users in a certain way.These series will provide life like realism with directx 12 graphics and Liquid VR.HBM,an AMD’s innovation will provide fast performance and power efficiency.But Is there any need for 4096-bit memory interface ,as competitor can still compete with 512-bit memory interface?And also expecting a dual fiji GPU(R9 Fury X2) to compete with GTX titan Z.

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