Intel 8th Generation KabyLake G-series is enormous

KabyLake G-series

One of the most surprising product announced in 2017 was Intel’s 8th Generation processor with AMD Radeon Graphics, which is an unusual combination between two competitors. KabyLake G-series, which was announced back in 2017, is an excitement of 2018. Followers from blue team and red team are eagerly waiting for this processor.

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Microsoft Azure Lv2 Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure Lv2

Microsoft Azure is the Global cloud platform. It is a service that provides for building, testing, deploying, managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. so, such huge amount of data needs a insane CPU powerhouse, so they have preview one of AMD’s Flagship processor specially designed for Server and Data centers. AMD EPYC which is from AMD’s latest lineup of processors. Now, AMD EPYC will be deploy in the Microsoft Azure Lv2 of Virtual Machines(VM) for storage optimized workloads.

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On 26th October 2017, AMD announced AMD Ryzen Mobile processor, previously named as “Raven Ridge”. Now AMD Ryzen 7 7200U and AMD Ryzen 5 2500U APU packs a Combination of AMD zen X-86 core processor and Radeon Vega Graphics. This combination is configurable to 15-W TDP for Ultra-thin Notebooks, convertibles. It also packs AMD SenseMI Technology which handles intelligence at processor level. This System-on-chip(SoC) with vega graphics deigned to provide great graphic performance.

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AMD Embedded Radeon E9170 Series GPU


      On 3rd October 2017, AMD announced the AMD Embedded Radeon E9170 Series graphics processing unit (GPU). The new processor is the first “Polaris” architecture-based AMD Embedded discrete GPU available in multi-chip module (MCM) format with integrated memory for smaller, power-efficient custom designs, as well as PCI Express and MXM formats for standard form factor systems. The E9170 Series GPU is ideal for devices that require premium graphics and expanded display capabilities while meeting exacting power and thermal efficiency demands. AMD is extending its core graphics technology, delivering crystal clear resolution and a stunning and seamless 4K experience across multiple displays to a growing number of markets, including digital casino games, thin clients, medical displays, retail and digital signage, and industrial systems.

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Augmented Reality update on iOS 11

iOS 11

yes, Apple’s Operating System iOS 11 comes with Augmented Reality featured in their Apps and Games. iOS is known to be the world’s largest Augmented Reality platform. As the recent Apple iphone X and Apple 8 event, showcased some of their AR Features built in their new phones. Also, same feature have been updated and started rolling out for the current users.

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